Monday, August 27, 2007

The Jalapeno Song

The Jalapeno Song
(Made up while riding my bike this morning.)

Jalapeno, Hey! There’s a gringo.
Give it to him. See what he does.

Will he get real red and sweat?
Will he take another yet?

Another yet?
Not my bet.

Red and sweat?
He’ll get real wet.

Senor Gringo, here’s jalapeno.
Take a bite now. It is really good.

(Sung to the tune of “Alouette”)

Sunday, August 19, 2007

On losing and winning...

This week has been all about losing and winning.

Let's get the painful part over first. I lost to my brother in chess. He killed my queen way too early and I was playing defense forever. The play was enjoyable though, especially the online messenging feature. I loved taunting him when he couldn't figure out how to do me in more quickly. I've invited him to play again. Oh, and I have the cough that won't go away. Antibiotics haven't worked. An allergy shot didn't slow it down. Chest x-ray time! Yippee!

Now for the winning. I won a long sought after goal on my bike. I hit a max speed over 40mph on Monday and I rode over 150 miles by week's end. My average speed jumped up a notch on Wednesday too - from 16.8 to 16.9. The 19mph days last week didn't hurt. And then there was my awesome prayer time on Wednesday. Going through Neil Anderson's 'Steps to Freedom in Christ' was a real lift. I was blessed by God with new insights into his love for me.

And there you have it. Can't wait to see what this week brings.