Monday, April 21, 2008


I've always imagined Heaven as a kind of fuzzy place where we'll float around as spirits and praise God with whatever ethereal voice he gives us.

I'm being radically challenged by Randy Alcorn's, Heaven. I'm barely 100 pages into it and I'm finding myself blown away by truth that had hidden from me in plain sight for years and years.

Why did I miss it? Because I had bought into the lie that I am esentially a spirit in a shell. Plato got that wrong. We are, we humans, esentially spirit and body. What we will be forever is humans, different than we are now for sure, but humans still - spirit and body united and resurrected. And earth will be redeemed too. A physical earth for us to live on with God forever.

I wish I could give you the whole book, but I can't. So here's a quote to whet your appetite. Read it then get the book...

"The power of Christ's resurrection is enough not only to remake us, but also to remake every inch of the universe - mountains, rivers, plants, animals, stars, nebulae, quasars, and galaxies. Christ's redemptive work extends resurrection to the far reaches of the universe. This is a stunning affirmation of God's greatness. It should move our hearts to wonder and praise." (Randy Alcorn, Heaven, (c)2004 Eternal Perspectives Ministries, p. 120)
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