Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2.01 miles in 15:27

i woke up refreshed this morning. vacation and time spent with family does wonders for the body and soul. i decided i'd go out for a run and burn some calories rather then take them in.

i felt good when i started out, so i pushed the pace a bit. i ran along school to main and then headed north past the hot and cold water towers to maple. on maple i ran past the church to terrace and turn south. i ran at a sub-7:00 pace for some of the home stretch and finished just around the corner from home.

i walked it on in, checked the trash to see if they'd picked it up yet, then stepped inside. the girls came home shortly after that, so there's no shower available. i guess i'll stink for a little while. no harm in that. i am a man!
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