Saturday, December 3, 2011

3.08 miles in 0:23:11

this race was great! all my friends who did the packing of packets and organizing of volunteers did an awesome job! i can't imagine any complaints.

i flew into the starting area with less than ten minutes to spare after returning from my daughter's honor band concert in dodge city. that was insane! next time, if there is one, we're leaving right after her part of the concert. oh, well. live and learn.

i flew through the first part of the course, the downhill with the wind at my back part. i looked down while i was still on main and saw that i was running at 5:45 pace! that's nuts! i never run that fast except when i'm doing speedwork.

when i rounded the corner onto santa fe and headed toward the park, i slowed to a more reasonable pace. i ran into the park and passed one person. after that i was passed by two people while in the park. i figured out later who it was and was glad i didn't try to keep up with them. she ended up third female and he was second place male.

out of the park, i had a guy on my tail for quite some time. he passed me just before we headed up the hill on haskell. he ended up being the third place male. i crossed the finish line less than a minute behind him, the fourth overall male. that made me seventh overall.

i'm pretty pleased with my time considering the course and weather conditions. the wind was awful and it was coooooold!
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