Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fulfilling your life's calling...

Here are Bob Reccord and Randy Singer's 8 principles for fulfilling your life's calling from their book, Live Your Passion, Tell Your Story, Change Your World...

1. God has been preparing a unique plan and calling for your life since before you were born.

2. God calls you to a life-changing relationship with him through Jesus Christ.

3. God calls you to partner with him in a life-changing mission that is bigger than you are.

4. God repeatedly will bring you to crossroads of choice as he forges and equips you for his mission.

5. God calls you to be on mission with him right where you are - starting now.

6. God reveals his mission through his Word, his Spirit, wise counsel, and his work in circumstances around you.

7. God guides you and provides for you to carry out your mission one step at a time.

8. When you answer God's call and fulfill his mission, you will experience his pleasure and inevitably change your world.

(Copyright 2004)
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