Monday, September 8, 2008

The bulldog of love...

Bulldogs are known for their tenacity, their hang-onto-it-for-all-you've-got attitude. They sink their teeth into something and don't let go. Pull on the rag in their mouths and they'll growl good-naturedly and shake back.

I've decided that God is like that in his love for us. He grabs a hold of us - thankfully not with sharp teeth - and doesn't let go. He loves us when were following him closely. He loves us when we wander off down the wrong path. He just hangs on. He's the bulldog of love. (No I am not calling God a dog!)

God's been teaching me to love like him recently, to hang onto love for people even when I'm mistreated by them, insulted, beaten up verbally. It's not easy, but he helps me in my weakness. I find my love for those I'm having difficulties with growing rather than shrinking. I find it intensifying rather than diminishing. I thank God for this gift. It's not me. It's him in me, making me a bulldog of love.
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