Friday, September 19, 2008

An evening with Sam...

Last night was a good night. I had a blast watching my eldest daughter run cross country at Anthony Lake. Her seventh place finish was her best yet and I got to witness it. Pretty cool! We stayed for the medal ceremony and then headed home, stopping at Subway in Harper for supper.

When we arrived at home, I headed out for "An Evening of Conversation with Rev. Sam Wood" at the ambulance barn. Sam is a pastor in Wichita and a certified traumatologist. What's that? Traumatologists are men and women who help emergency responders and others in caring professions walk through the very difficult time following an extremely stressful situation. Sam came to visit with all of us - Argonia EMS and fire - about the incident last Saturday/Sunday. We walked through our experience together sharing emotions, facts, care, etc. When we wrapped things up at 9:00, I felt better. Not completely out of the woods, but definitely better.

If you think of us (or of your town's emergency responders), pray that God would give us the strength for the task at hand. We will get another call sometime. And ask for peace of mind and spirit. Thanks.
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