Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Call me an emergency junkie! I set my radio to scan almost every time I go somewhere by myself. (Can't do it at work and concentrate or I'd have it running in my office too.)

This obsession has led to both laughter and tears...

One time I was listening in and dispatch came across the airwaves, as serious as serious can be, "Chihauhau at large." I nearly drove off the road laughing. I was thinking, "Don't call 911! Pick the silly thing up and be done with it! "

Another time I heard these words in measured tones: "One-month-old female. Child not breathing." Took my breath away. I prayed my way to town. I heard the awful words "Code Blue" from the responding unit as they left for the hospital. I sat in a parking lot and cried for that little girl's parents.

Some of you are scannerholics too. Remember that the people talking and those being talked about are real folks with real emotions. Pray for them! Hurt with them! Laugh too!
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