Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A rowdy bunch...

Last night was the first meeting of Bible Study Fellowship's men's class in Wichita. I pulled into the parking lot of First United Methodist just before 7:00 knowing that my good friend, Thane, was in my small group, but wondering who else I might get to know.

A little while later, walking into Room 301D, I had to laugh. Turns out that more than half of the guys I'll be meeting with each Tuesday have been in my group before and it seems that this year's discussion group is filled with the rowdiest of the rowdies from the previous two years.

When we went downstairs for the lecture, I caught Quentin, my group leader from last year, and told him he'd better pray for Mike, this year's leader. "Pray for Mike," I said. "He's got a rowdy group."

It's going to be fun studying The Life of Moses with these men. I know we're going to grow together. I know we're going to be stronger in our faith. I know we're going to get a little bit rowdy...R-O-W-D-Y!! (Pray for Mike!)
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