Friday, September 5, 2008

'The Present'?

A bishop's assistant sent me an email yesterday. In it was a quick note about this amazing book, The Present, full of truth that "will turn this world upside down or right side up" if everyone reads it. A link to the book, written as a contest entry, was provided. This bishop's assistant also suggested pages to read if I wanted to get the gist of the ultimate truth presented. ("Be sure to see the foreword, page 6, 20, 53, 61, 355, the end of the book starting at page 433 and the comments people are making about it. It helps to read the comments first.")

I don't know what possessed me to actually follow through and read the suggested pages, nor do I know why I spent 15 minutes or so reading the comments, all of which were glowing in their reviews of this poorly-written, poorly-reasoned fiasco.

If I understand Michael the author's premise, he is suggesting that the devil mentioned in the Bible is our mind, not a separate created being bent on evil. Our mind is what deceives us and if we can just get our mind straightened out, we'll be saved. The 'devil' will become the 'angel of light' he/it was created to be. Michael suggests that we couldn't know the truth, the real truth, until now. Science has helped us to understand the truth that will set us free.

Unbelievably, this book features prominently (on page 82) photos of hell. The place of eternal torture is evidently seven miles below the ocean's surface. It's where we'll go if we refuse the truth. We'll drop down the evolutionary ladder and become one of the lowest life forms. If we don't get it right, we'll become non-human and suffer as something else for eternity.

Do I need to go on? Michael does...for an unbelievably painful 438 pages. That's a lot of baloney. I do not, as my bishop's assistant friend did, urge you to read any part of this nutty book. Not even sure why I'm giving it the time of day on my blog. It's false silliness.

Enough said.
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