Tuesday, December 22, 2009

fast and furious forty-four

my legs felt great when i got up this morning. i was ready for a first-day-of-vacation long ride.

i took off to the east feeling pretty good. my speed was decent for riding into a northeasterly crosswind. i turned at the anson road doing 17.3mph.

the next eight miles were not enjoyable in the least. the wind slowed me way down. i was often creeping along barely above 13mph.

when i reached the halfway point of my ride my average had dropped to 16.3mph. the next fourteen miles were marginally better than the eight i'd just completed. the wind wasn't as helpful as i had hoped. i only gained a tenth of a mile per hour before turning south at mile 36.

the last eight miles, ah, they were bliss. i turned onto argonia road and before i reached the crest of the rise for the descent into town, i was over 20mph. i accelerated hard and was soon over 30mph. i maintained near that for about half the ride south. i didn't drop under 20mph until i slowed for the turn back toward home. my average when i pulled in the driveway...17.4mph.

i'm so glad i had time for this ride. i moved up to second place on my dailymile leaderboard. it puts me in much better shape to reach my goal for the year. 143 miles to go! (44.50 miles @ 17.4mph)
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