Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Airport run...

It was so nice out this morning. 46 degrees made it feel like fall. I pulled on my arm warmers and needed them! I love this weather. It makes running a joy.

I started out just wanting to put in some miles on dirt since much of my 100-miler will be on dirt. I ran out to Highway 61 and up to 10th Street and took off east. I was thinking at first that I'd run 45 minutes east and then turn around, but when I came to the first intersection, I decided to turn north. From there, I just made up my route, playing it by ear.

I ended up running over to the airport and taking Highway 281 back south into town. In all these miles I didn't encounter one dog. I didn't encounter many cars either. Exactly zero cars on the dirt roads and only a few on the paved sections, most of them on 281. One of the ambulances passed me early on just as I was turning off of Highway 61. I crossed the road in front of them, looked back and saw it was them. They squawked their siren a few times to say, "Hi!"

I don't know what I'm going to do with my Garmin. The battery died just as I was about to stop. I need the battery to last longer than two hours for my training runs. Grrrrr! Any ideas? (garmin data)
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