Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tour des églises...

I left the house this morning with no particular plan in mind. I was just going to run and see if my stone bruise was healed up enough to resume regular training.

I ran north on Welton and when I saw the Free Methodist Church at the corner of Maple, I knew what I wanted to do...run past all the church buildings in town! From the Pratt Free Methodist Church I ran north and then east a block to pass the Abundant Harvest Church of the Nazarene at Myrtle and Glenarm. From there I ran back down to Maple and ran east to the First Southern Baptist Church on Highway 61. I run south to Highway 54  and then west to Country Club Road took me past the Church of Christ.

When I got to Sixth, I turned west and ran past the First Assembly of God and then turned north on Austin to check out Faith Tabernacle. From there I wound around to Thompson which took me past St. Paul's Lutheran Church at Second. I ran up to Highway 54 and went west past the Pratt Presbyterian Church, turned south and ran past First Baptist, continued on south and over a block to Main to run past Second Baptist. From there I ran over to Jackson and then back up to Sixth which took me past Iglesia Cristiana Sileo.

The next church, Open Door Ministries, made me run all the way out to the west edge of town. I ran past it and headed back down 54 headed east. I ran past First United Methodist, went a block north on Main, turned on Blaine so I could run past the First Christian Church, then circled back around to Main where I ran past All Saints Episcopal Church. I run over to Jackson and up north to Logan got me to the Iglesia Cristiana Pentecostal Nueva Jerusalen.

I ran back south on Main and turned on School. On School I ran past Sacred Heart Catholic Church and immediately after that past Trinity Evangelical Church. A zig and a zag later I was running past Pratt Bible Church on Thompson. From there I ran up to Maple and ran past Pratt Friends Church, the last in the tour. I ran home from there and then walked a block or so to cool down. (garmin data)
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