Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Skyline races...

I won! I raced my family out to Skyline and beat them by a long shot. They didn't know we were racing, but that doesn't matter! I still won!

I started out just before 6:30 with the goal of seeing how far I could get before my family who needed to be to Skyline by 7:00 for a band trip to the Kansas State Fair passed me. I ran a little harder than usual, but not really much more than a steady tempo run. I ran out of town on the sidewalks along the highway and then on the broad shoulders of 54. It is such a nice highway to train on. No real danger of getting hit. The shoulder is as wide as a lane and protected by rumble strips. I was honked at and waved at several times by others headed to Skyline to catch the bus, but it was never my family.

I couldn't believe they hadn't passed me when I turned into the drive at the school and ran past the idling buses. I ran down to the end of the parking lot, circled around the last light pole and headed back toward home. I ran out of the parking lot, up the drive and back onto the highway. It wasn't until I hit 3.67 miles, about a quarter mile into my return trip that my family finally went past and waved. I waved back and, in my heart, I taunted them! I'd beat them by a quarter mile and they were in a car!

My next race was with the buses. I ran down the hill from the school past Rick's Restaurant, crossed the bridge and started back up the hill toward the city limits. I thought I'd be doing good if I could make it back into town before the band. I made it there and kept going. For the next mile or so I kept looking over my shoulder to see if they were going to catch me. I crossed 281 and kept going. Still no buses. I ran through the green light at Stout. No big yellow vehicles. I finally had to leave the highway and run back to the house. I never saw the Skyline transports at all! I beat them badly...or maybe they took another route. Nah! I won! (garmin data)
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