Saturday, December 8, 2012

8 by 8:00

I haven't had the pleasure of welcoming a sunrise on the run in quite some time. Since I was able to sleep in a bit this morning, that's just what I did. It was great!

I started out just before 7:00 with a plan to run about 5 miles, take a short break and then run another 3 to 5. I took off heading south, planning to take Howard all the way to Sixth and then run out and around on Lake Road. Traffic altered those plans slightly.

When I came to Highway 54, too many cars were coming, so I jumped the curb and ran through the Dillon's parking lot, then jogged across the highway when there was a break, ran through the Pratt County EMS parking lot, hopped a curb again and ran past the east side of the hospital to Third. Crazy stuff! From there I made my way down to Sixth and looped out to Lake Road on Country Club.

As I was coming down the backside of the hill on Lake Road, it was just getting light and I spotted a couple of deer on the north side of the road near Lemon Park. I startled one of them. The other just stared.

I turned onto Main Street and ran up to Third, turned east there, ran over to Pine, then headed north to School. I ran up the hill going east on School, then looped around the school to get myself to just about 5 miles when I got home.

After my short break, I left my front door again and ran west on School to Main. At Main I ran south to Blaine, then ran a block west to Jackson and turned north again.

As I ran along Jackson, I heard someone yelling greetings . I looked and there was a friend on their front porch waving. I waved back and kept going to Logan. My turn east was forced there and I ran the block back to Main, took Main a block north and turned onto Maple.

I ran a couple of blocks on Maple, then began zigging and zagging my way around the north end of town. My aim was set on 8 miles by this point, so I just kept turning this way and that to get me to that distance. I was feeling good, so I increased my pace a bit.

I ran up the little hill on School and pulled up at 8 miles right in front of my house at 8:00. I'd run 8 by 8:00. (garmin data)
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