Thursday, December 20, 2012

A little snow won't kill you...

I looked out the window when I got up. Snow! I couldn't pass up the opportunity to run in the fluffy white stuff. I pulled on my cold weather gear - the wind chill was 9F - and headed out the door.

The white stuff wasn't fluffy. It was hard and crunchy and slippery in spots. Still it was fun to run around and leave footprints here and there all over town. The only scare I had didn't have anything to do with ice. At the intersection of Hamilton and Cleveland, I Toyota pickup nearly hit me. The driver must not have been paying attention, because I was wearing my screaming yellow jacket and under a bright street light. He cut the corner so tight that I had to side step to avoid him. It wouldn't have done any good, but I could have punched his front door. If you're going to drive, please pay attention!

The rest of my run was pretty dull except for my little run past the fitness center. I had to see who was in the cage. Three or four people were visible on their torture devices. I laughed and ran slowly on. I got home in one piece and stepped quickly inside to warm up. (garmin data)
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