Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Speedy commuting...

I had a blast on my commute today. I rode hard and fast (for my commuter bike) every where I went. I started out with a wind-assisted ride up to the Free Methodist Church where my pastors group was meeting this week. That was followed by a quick hop over the hill to work.

Just before going to Skyline for lunch duty, I rode past the house to see if the Sony Action Cam that I won had come yet. I knew it was out for delivery from checking the online tracking info. It wasn't there. I rode on to the school, taking Highway 54 the whole way.

At Main Street I saw the light turning yellow for the other direction, so I got my pedals going a second early and then raced the rest of traffic away from the green light. I put in a good hard effort and hit the second block before a car caught me. Turns out I was racing a couple from our church. They smiled and waved as they drove by.

I, of course, had to swing by the house again after my ride back from the school. Still no camera. I rode back to my office, set the UPS site to email me when the package arrived and went to work on my Wednesday night stuff.

About 3:30, the notification came. Sony's gift to me was on the porch. I rode lickity split to the house, grabbed my prize and went inside. I had to open it. A quick slit of the tape and the bright orange box was open. Inside I found not only the camera I knew was coming, but a bicycle handlebar mount too! I was pumped! That was one accessory I knew I wanted and now I didn't have to buy it. I did, however, discover later that I have to buy a memory card. Oh, well. $64 dollars for $300+ worth of cool stuff isn't bad.

My curiosity temporarily satisfied, I rode back to work and then returned home afterward. At 5:00, I rode home. And that, my friends, is all there is to write. (9.9 miles, 43:54, avg. 13.5, max. 24.8, 50F)
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