Monday, December 17, 2012

Caroling route...

I decided to run the route we took last night while caroling in the local nursing homes and to a few of our older church members. I ran up to the church and then to each of the nursing homes in turn.

From the last one, I went down and ran a lap around the still closed to car traffic Lemon Park. That was a bit unusual. It's normally open before 6:00. The police must have had something more important to do.

Leaving the park, I ran up Pine. That's when I deviated from the caroling route. I decided I'd had enough and I'd better get home, so I didn't turn at Third and run to the other side of town. Pine took me to School and School took me home.

That's it for today. I was certainly warmer on my run than I was riding on a trailer last night. (garmin data)
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