Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Above and beyond...

With the body God gave me - legs and heart and lungs - I have covered more than 1200 miles on foot this year. Last year my goal was 1000 miles and I fell 180 miles short. This year my original goal was 1000 miles and I overshot it by 200 miles. I'm thankful for every mile I've been allowed to run. Most of them have been at least mildly pleasant.

This morning's run covered most of the city from east to west. I ran from my house up to Maple and took Maple out to Highway 61. I ran south on 61 to 54 and took it over to Fincham which took me south again to Sixth Street. I ran almost the whole length of Sixth across town, missing only the small section near Country Club because I decided to go run around in the trailer court there.

At the end of Sixth, I turned south and ran through the school yard at Southwest Elementary and out onto Eighth. I turned south on Washington and the angle on Ninth down to Tenth, ran around the corner and took Illinois back to Fifth. I wanted to do the hill on Illinois, because the new Pro analytic tools on dailymile include an elevation measurement and I've climbed the equivalent of 95% of Mt. Everest while running. Not bad for a Kansan. I'm going to top out on or above the summit before the end of the year.

I ran down Fifth to High, passing the 5.5 mile mark and 1200 miles just before the corner. I shot my arms in the air, pumped them a few times and ran on.

High Street took me across Highway 54 to Blaine which took me east to Hillside. I turned north on Hillside and ran up and over the little hump and then down to School. I turned east on School and ran straight home, arriving at the curb right at 6:30. I walked immediately up the sidewalk and stepped inside. I had to warm up a bit. The temperature had dropped to 25F. (garmin data)
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