Monday, July 21, 2008

Half and half...

In less than two weeks, my wife and I will celebrate our 21st wedding anniversary. Since we were both 21 when we married, we will have, at somewhere around 11 o'clock, been married longer than we were single. I'm so glad that God brought Susan into my life and that he saw fit for her to say, "Are you serious?!!" when I proposed. (She said, "YES!!" soon afterwards.) I'm glad she stuck with me when I frustrated the daylights out of her. And I'm glad I didn't cut and run during our difficult first years. We were both pretty angry and selfish and wounded back then. God was merciful and gave us his strength to carry on. He has remained merciful and given us joy in him and in each other. With his help we will continue for many more years. Hey! It's only 29 years until our 50th!
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