Monday, July 21, 2008

Relational Wisdom (Part 1)

Relationships are, in reality, our most valued treasures, worth far more than gold or silver. Worth the investment of hours of our time. Worth the expenditure of tons of energy. Worth struggling through conflict to maintain.

They can be incredibly rewarding. I enjoy talking with my wife in the relative cool of the evening as we walk around town. I love singing crazy songs and laughing wildly with my girls after supper. I find great pleasure in reading a personal letter from a friend or hearing their voice on the phone.

They can also be terribly painful. I hate it when my actions or my words hurt someone in the church. I feel sick when my wife and I are at odds or when my girls think I’m a creep. I do not enjoy phone calls or emails from angry folks though I know they’re a necessary part of patching things up.

Over the next few days I’ll send some biblical direction for maintaining good relationships your way. But don’t wait one more day to begin work on your relationships. Pray for your friends and enemies, your spouse and your kids, your neighbors and your distant kin. Pray and do the loving things God tells you to do.

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