Monday, July 21, 2008

Playing Legos...

My daughter asked me to play Legos tonight. How could I resist?

I'm thinking, Build cool stuff. My brothers and I spent hours when we were kids building forts and ships and airplanes and fire stations and...

My littlest is thinking, Make plastic blocks talk to each other and play party games together.

We did both. I built a jet with black and yellow blocks, landing lights and red flames coming out the engine at the back. That girl of mine, the one who begged to play Legos, made the outer walls of a house in which the "people" could play.

We finished our projects about the same time. My jet was set aside and I was assigned to be five "guests" at the party. Each in turn, my Lego "people," only one of which was a person, knocked on the door. They were all welcomed graciously by their host.

Then the games began. Everyone circled up for Duck, Duck, Goose. We played multiple rounds, quitting only when it was time for bed. Before my youngest climbed the stairs to put on her PJs, each of the plastic friends had to be comfortable and cozy under their covers. I guess the get-together was a sleep-over. The invitation hadn't said anything about that.

Tomorrow morning we've got to fix everyone breakfast.
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