Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The last lecture...

I wasn't really meaning to sit in front of my T.V. last night and watch Primetime, but that's what I did. I'd never heard of Randy Pausch, but I found the story of his last days and the lecture that made him famous (I guess) to be irresistable. I couldn't turn it off. My girls and I were glued to the set until the very end.

Please understand, I haven't viewed the entire lecture, nor have I read Pausch's book, but what I heard of it on the tube is pretty good advice for life. This Carnegie-Melon prof's purpose was to encourage his kids (and us too) to go after their dreams, to acheive what they want to acheive. They will have great guidance as they grow and mature because their dad thought through the things that really him...for them.

Curious? You can watch the entire lecture on YouTube (it's 76 minutes long) or you can read an excerpt from Pausch's book, The Last Lecture, online. Hyperion Books, Pausch's publisher, has book viewer you can check out.

Enjoy! Dream! Live!
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