Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pray and care...

During EFM Board meetings at the end of May I had an opportunity to pray with Dave Robinson, our Yearly Meeting superintendent. As soon as I greeted him one morning, Dave told me about an email he’d just received. A relative of his, a nephew, was bleeding internally and the doctors were having trouble diagnosing the cause. The family was anxious for a resolution. Internal bleeding does that to families. Folks aren’t especially enthusiastic about serious problems of unknown origin.

Anyway, when Dave finished reading the note, I offered to pray. Dave said alright and we bowed our heads. I prayed about the situation briefly and then we parted ways.

Opportunities to pray with people and reasons to pray for people abound, don’t they? Think back over the past week or two. Do you recall any conversations that did or could have led to a short time of prayer? Think! Did anyone tell you about some difficulty they were facing? In a society that encourages us to hide problems from each other, that’s significant. Most people keep up a fa├žade. “Everything’s fine,” is our mantra. “I’m doing great,” our biggest lie.

If someone tells you they’re in trouble, pray for them. If they’ll let you, pray with them…out loud! God wants to bless them through answered prayer or through his love expressed in your caring offer.

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