Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bragging rights lost...

I had a friend in college who played chess against me once and beat me. I immediately challenged him to another game. He refused and walked away from the board. I pestered him, but he wasn't about to give in.

"Right now, I can say that I beat you at chess every time I played him," he explained.

He never did play me again. He was resolute. (He happens to be my sister-in-law's brother-in-law now.)

What does this have to do with losing bragging rights? He didn't lose his. I lost mine last night on the shooting range. For more than 20 years I've been able to honestly say, "I hit seven pigeons out of seven the first time I shot skeet." I guess I can still say that, but to be completely honest now I'd have to say, "The second time wasn't so good."

Our church's men gathered at Argonia's River Park last night for a cookout and skeet shoot. I don't own a gun, but shortly after the shooting commenced, one was offered to me. I shot a total of thirty rounds. I hit exactly four pigeons. I had a blast (no pun intended).

So don't worry if you see me with a gun in hand. Just keep moving and you're as safe as can be.
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