Tuesday, October 14, 2008

An 'R' rated Christian film...

Some time back I read Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker's novel, House (novel cover at right). This story of light vs. darkness by two of my favorite Christian authors was among the most startling, riveting, terrifying, satisfying tales I've ever read. It's an in-your-face horror story about sin and redemption. Heart-pounding is an understatement. Peretti and Dekker made evil really evil in House so that good could be really good. If you like thrillers, read the book...during daylight hours!

On November 7, House, hits the big screen. Yes, they're making a Christian novel into a movie. Surprised? Well this isn't the first time. It's not even the first time Peretti and Dekker have seen adaptations. Peretti's Hangman's Curse and Visitation have both been commited to celluloid. Dekker's Thr3e made it too. I went to see Thr3e at the Warren Theater. I was somewhat disappointed. The movie was not true to the story...or at least not to the point of the story.

I'm afraid House may be the same. I've seen the trailers. Scary! Intense! And really, really dark. The light that pierces the darkness in the book seems to be missing. Maybe the movie will shine light into the night of evil, but I'm not holding my breath.

Early on the powers-that-be were talking PG-13 for House and the movie poster (see the original above at left and the new at right) was much different from the final. But now the folks at MMPA have spoken: 'Restricted'! The Passion of the Christ is no longer be the only 'R' rated Christian film in history. It was only the first.

So now my dilemma. Do I go or not? I love the authors. I want to support them. I loved the book. I'll read it again. I want to see the film. But I hate supporting darkness for darkness' sake. If the core of the story - redemption from sin - is absent, this is not a Christian film. It's a slasher flick. I hate slasher flicks.

Stay tuned...
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