Friday, October 17, 2008

No-risk faith?

A friend passed this along to me...

Several years ago I was lecturing at a seminary, and when I was finished, a young student shared with me that she had planned to go to the Northwest to help start a new church. She continued to explain that in the process she had discovered it was not the will of God. I asked her how she determined that, and she said, “The money never came through.” I asked her who told her that lack of finances was proof that God was not in it. She said her pastor and her parents. They said that if God wanted her t go, everything would be provided before she left.

Our wealth and abundance of human resources have positioned us to accept a paradigm that provision precedes vision. This has been the foundation of building no-risk faith. This is a tragedy when a part of the adventure is the discovery that vision always precedes provision. I know this may be a real stretch, but it is always right to do what’s right, even if it turns out wrong. There are times God calls us to do the right thing, knowing that others will respond in the wrong way.

-Guest Blogger, Erwin Raphael McManus (from Chasing Daylight)
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