Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It could be worse...

With Thanksgiving just around the corner - You know, that holiday between Halloween and Christmas? - here are a few things that make me thankful…

I am thankful that all of my relationships are not falling apart. In a fallen world filled with selfish sinners a lot like me, I’m amazed that any of them survive. I have a wonderful wife who puts up with my quirks most of the time. I have kids who love me even when I’m not the greatest dad. I have close friends who pick me up when I’m down. I have family members who think I’m mostly okay. I have a church full of incredibly tolerant people that seldom do more than roll their eyes when I get wacky.

I am thankful that most days are better than some. In a fallen world filled with disease and disaster, I’m amazed that on any given day most things are all right with me. Even on my worst days, things could be worse…usually. I suppose there is a worst day in every person’s life. Rather than fearing that it’s ahead, I’m thankful that it’s likely behind me…though tomorrow could prove me wrong.

I am thankful that not all of my words stir up trouble. In a fallen world filled with hurting people, I'm amazed that I actually have decent conversations with friends regularly. I laugh at (uh...with) many close friends nearly every day. We smile at each other as we discuss politics or religion or whatever happens to come up. We agree to disagree and firmly shake hands when we don't see eye-to-eye.

Strange things to give thanks for, I suppose, but the Bible says to “give thanks in all circumstances” so I’m going to.

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