Wednesday, October 15, 2008

You are never there...

I walked through the door of my office this morning and found this message waiting for me on the church's answering machine...

"You know what? You’re never there. What the #@&* is your problem? You’re supposed to be a preacher. You are never there. What is your problem…is what I want to know? God would be there. You wanna *&@#*!& be there for people? You’re never there. Goodbye."

That has to be by far the most interesting message I have ever had on my machine. What makes it more interesting is the time of day it was left. I was chewed out and cussed out because I wasn't in my office at 9:44pm!?!?! Kind of a strange time to be calling the preacher and expecting him to be at work. I am NEVER (ok...seldom) there at 9:44pm! I am usually at home getting ready for bed at 9:44pm.

I hope this person calls back, because I already embarrassed myself by calling the person I thought it was. They assured me they would never do such a thing. Hmmmm. I guess it will remain a mystery. I'll just pray for them. You can too.

P.S. Be nice to your pastor. He can only be one place at a time. Trust me on this. He is human. If he doesn't answer the phone at the church, it's because he's either (a) visiting the sick, bereaved, hurting, lonely, etc., (b) enjoying a day off, (c) in the bathroom, (d) at home with his family or (e) dead.
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