Thursday, February 18, 2010

a call from denise

the phone rings. caller ID says, "YMCA south branch." a sales pitch, i think. fair enough. i visited their facility. i'll talk with them.

when i answer, denise the group exercise coordinator is on the line. we exchange pleasantries and then she gets to the reason for her call.

someone from the metro wichita office read my blog post on monday's visit to the south branch. they sent and email to denise titled, "someone who didn't like the spin class at the south YMCA." i laughed. the internet has once again made the world a smaller place.

so we talked about the blog post. i explained that i wasn't trying to be negative about the south branch. the facility is top notch. i wasn't even being negative about spin classes in general. i was just stating how it was for me. awful!

denise said she read the post and watched the video at home. she was amused by my calorie consumption post workout. she laughed.

i invited her to join dailymile. (i've told my DM friends to be nice to her if she joins.)

we talked for a bit more. she invited me to come back for another class sometime. i said it was not likely since the south Y is about an hour from my house and i prefer outdoor cycling. we hung up on a positive note.
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