Saturday, February 27, 2010

the race to rose hill

the race to rose hill began for me just before 7:00am. the car was to begin the chase at 8:30am.

so i pushed it hard at first, riding into the slight northeasterly breeze. i was at 17.1mph by the time i was just three miles from town. my average climbed to 17.3 by five miles and then it started to drop. not sure my legs were completely recovered from the torture session i put them through yesterday. that and the wind conspired against a top notch effort.

so, did i beat the car to rose hill? no. did i win the race? well, sort of. i won and i lost. the car caught me before i got to rose hill, but not before i'd covered over 3/4 of the distance. i felt good about that considering the dull pain in my legs and lower back.

the ride could've been better...could've been worse. i'll take it! (40.93 miles @ 15.3mph)
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