Friday, February 19, 2010

spring is in the air

it looked like spring out today - dark rain clouds to the east, tinges of green in the brown grass, a robin flying off as the bike ninja approaches. my legs felt like spring too. to misquote thomas, a member of the dailymile team: "i WAS feeling it." from the first push on my left pedal to the very last stroke on the right, i felt good today. the wind was almost straight out of the south so it didn't slow me much on the way out and still helped some on the way back. my outbound average was 17.7mph. after the U-turn, i brought it up to 18.0mph. first time in two weeks that i've been anywhere near that fast. my only complaint, and not much of one, was the temp. it was a bit too warm for me at 38 degrees. (19.85 miles @ 18.0mph)
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