Thursday, February 25, 2010

driver targets cyclist

i've been yelled at by law-ignorant people while riding along minding my own business. ("get up on the sidewalk. bikes do not belong on the road.") cars (and trucks) have passed me legally, but a bit too close for comfort. (usually big cattle haulers.) but this is ridiculous!

february 2, 2010 - lancashire (uk) telegraph

a road rage teenage driver repeatedly targeted a cyclist and left him fearing for his life.

burnley crown court heard how unbeknown to benjamin harrison, 18, his victim was police inspector martin melvin.

nine times he almost mowed down DI melvin, aiming for him on the pavement, striking his handlebars, forcing him off his bike into trees, threatening to kill him and hurling stones and coins at him.

the victim had no escape route and had no choice but to continue his journey on the almost deserted road...

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