Tuesday, February 23, 2010

with a little help

as the beatles would have sung if they were cyclists: "i get to ride with a little help from my friend." wil came over today and helped me patch tubes so i could go on a rode ride. took us awhile, but we found the tiny holes in two tubes and sealed them up with brand new patches.

when we were done, i put the tube he patched on the front tire and, voila, cato was as good as new! i immediately got dressed and, as steppenwolf would have sung had they been cyclists, i headed out on the highway.

cruising speed on a road bike is so much higher than on a mountain bike. i rode out at a higher average mph than i ended with yesterday...and i stayed a lot cleaner.

when i got to the far edge of danville, i turned my back to the cold northwesterly wind and flew home, ending the ride at 17mph. (16.20 miles @ 17.0mph)
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