Saturday, October 15, 2011

13.47 miles in 2:00:02

i met up with gretchen this morning for a two-hour run. we started off right at 5:30 as planned and headed south to the other side of town. we meandered this way and that, staying mostly to the outside edges of town at first, then doubled back on ourselves and zigged and zagged back up to our meeting place.

at an hour, gretchen had had enough and peeled off. i continued on running the rest of my time north of 54. i ran out to pratt community college and covered several of the roads on campus before popping back out on 61 and running north to the cemetery road.

i passed the cemetery about the time i was supposed to pick up the pace. i didn't have much pick up, but i pushed it a little harder. i ran around my daughter's paper route, hoping to see her and wave, but never saw her. i covered every street. no paper girl! this concerned me a bit, but i continued to run.

after another run through the paper route with a slight diversion north, i came back around to home and right at two hours hit stop. i'm pretty pleased. i covered more than a half marathon in distance and felt pretty good the whole time. there was only one time that i felt a little nauseous and a few minutes when i thought my hamstrings might start cramping. the nausea passed and the cramps never formed.

two weeks till the run for missions. this morning put a little doubt in my mind about my new 1:50 goal, but i'm sticking with it. it'll get me up and out the door every morning from now until then.
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