Tuesday, October 18, 2011

3.10 miles in 24:37

hal said, "give me three miles!" i said, "yes, sir! right away, sir!" and gave him an extra tenth of a mile to show my dedication...and to make it easy to track my fitness since i've done more 5K training runs than three-milers.

it was rather brisk this morning. the thermometer read 39 degrees with wind speeds in the teens! that gave me a sub-freezing wind chill! i chose to wear my new arm warmers in addition to the uniform pieces i wore yesterday. they were a great help.

i felt good throughout this run, staying under 8:00 pace except when running up hills. the most annoying part of the run, besides the near code brown at the end, was the problem i had with my heartrate monitor strap. for the first three or four minutes, i tried in vain to keep it wrapped around my chest. it was having none of that. it kept slipping down. i don't know how many times i pulled it up before i finally gave up and let it rest at my waist. i guess i'll have to cinch it up before tomorrow's tempo run.
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