Saturday, October 8, 2011

3.10 miles in 26:01

as i said yesterday in a comment to someone, my shin splints are at the "just annoying" stage - not a lot of pain, just generalized soreness and tenderness to touch. after walking my daughter's paper route for her this morning and experiencing no problems, i decided to go out for a test run. i wanted to see if and when the pain started. i really didn't experience all that much pain, certainly nothing unbearable. there were twinges here and there, but not bad. i ran around town and hit the 5K mark just as i was passing the house again. not bad for an unplanned route! i walked to the refrigerator immediately after i walked in the door. i downed some gatorade and then put ice on my shin for 20 minutes. after some stretching and a shower, i'm feeling no worse than i did before. maybe i'll start running every other day this week and see how it goes. i've got three weeks until my half, so i don't want to risk reinjury by overdoing it.
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