Sunday, October 30, 2011

19.00 miles in 3:47:47

you'd think after a half marathon in the morning a runner would call it good for the day. not me! after our church's cajun dinner, a friend and i went out to pace another friend on his 100-mile run from haviland to wichita.

we found him and another pacer about the time another guy showed up, so he went from one pacer, the winner of today's half marathon, to four pacers.

when you're running with a guy who's running 100 miles, your job is to stay with him and keep him motivated. after running 31 miles during last year's 100-miler, i knew even a bad joke was appreciated if it broke the monotony. therefore, i told plenty!

my original plan was to run until around midnight and then go home, but i decided to run 19 to make this my highest mileage 24-hour period ever. with the half marathon earlier, the one mile warm up before that and the 19 tonight, i covered 33 miles on my feet between 7:30 saturday morning and 12:45 sunday morning.

i am tired, but it's a good tired! can't wait to hear about the final 40 miles of the 100-miler!
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