Tuesday, October 25, 2011

2.00 miles in 14:27


since i'm in taper mode for this saturday's race, i only had to run two miles this morning. before i went to bed, i decided to give it my all on these two miles to see what i could do. thankfully, when i woke up, my legs were in the mood for a little speed, so i hit the streets racing.

i did two laps around the lawrence, holly, larimer, manor loop that my wife discovered was almost exactly one mile. i ran my first mile in 7:09, the second in 7:18, giving me an average pace of 7:13.5 per mile. checking my blog, i found that this is the fastest i've ever done two miles. my fastest before this was 14:42. i'm pretty pumped about that.

tomorrow i run 30 minutes of tempo, then it's rest time. i can either rest or run easy on thursday. not sure what i'll do. friday is a rest day and saturday is race day! finally!
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