Saturday, November 24, 2012

Exploring Eudora

It got down to 17 degrees here last night. It was 20ish when I went out for my run just before 8:00. I wore my lightweight gloves and wished later that I'd wore something a bit warmer.

I ran out of my parents' housing development and ran north into the light wind. I ran past the schools and up and over the highway. I ran on past the grocery store, then decided to run out in the new section of Eudora. I'd never run in this area, so it was interesting to see new houses and streets.

I reached the end of the road, so to speak, turned around and ran a slightly different path home. I stopped for a pit stop at the Kwik Shop, then ran back south on the main road. I ran past the first entrance to my parents' development and made a big loop around it, hitting stop at 5.5 miles just before the driveway where I started. I walked inside to thaw out. (Firestarter, 5.5, 48:36, avg. 8:50, 22 degrees, garmin data)
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