Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sweat and snot be gone...

If you've been running or cycling for long, you've had to deal with sweat in your eyes on hot days or snot dripping from your nose when the temperature dips. Sometimes both hit in the same workout. Wiping it away with your bare hand or the inside of your jersey works, but it's not the most pleasant thing.

Enter the Handana. This handy piece of athletic gear fits like a fingerless glove and grabs a hold of perspiration and nasal drainage better than terry cloth. One swipe of the Handana across your forehead and the sweat's gone. Rub it under your nose and you're all clean.

Are there other solutions to these problems? Of course. The Handana is just one option. Is it better than others. It depends on your preference. I personally do not like having a sweatband on my head, so the Handana works well for me. It takes care of things more efficiently than the small swatch of terry cloth on my cycling gloves.

GIVEAWAY: J.P. Harvey won a red Handana on Thursday, Novemeber 8, at 5:00am. A big thank you goes to Katie at Handana for making this giveaway possible.
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