Tuesday, November 6, 2012

One last speedy hurrah...

I wanted to make my last run before the Run for Missions 100-miler (www.runformissions.org) a good one. I didn't want to wish I'd done more. My plan was to go all out for 5K, giving me a decent time for the run4nyc 5K (www.run4nyc.com) and a good sweat in the heat. Friday's high is predicted to be near 80, so I had to run this afternoon. It was only 66, but that's better than nothing.

I started out running up Welton which has a slight uphill slant. Very slight. In Colorado this might even be considered downhill. I pushed through the first quarter mile heaving of the lungs and finally found my rhythm and my breath.

I turned west on Maple and ran to Main. As I passed the church, my friend, our youth pastor, Marc, was just getting out of his car. He asked how far I was running. I was going pretty fast, so I just breathed out an answer and ran on.

Turning on Main, I headed south. I ran past the packed parking lot at the polling place. Go vote! I ran on and hit the lights just right so I didn't have to stop at all. I sped along the sidewalk crossed each crosswalk quickly.

I turned east on Sixth and ran the bricks out of downtown, then plunged down the hill by Sixth Street Park. I ran up the little incline to Howard feeling pretty good. I was sweating really good by this time. Woohoo!

I made my final full turn onto Howard and ran up the steeper part of the hill leading back toward home. I pushed a little and started feeling a little nauseous. I ran on and that subsided some. I had to pause for just a second or two at the highway before I ran across and hit the afterburners. I covered the last half of the block in under 20 seconds and stopped my watch at 23:11, tying my own PR from a year or so ago. I guess all those long miles have done some good. (3.11 miles @ 7:27)
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