Monday, November 5, 2012

Last sort of long run...

I went out for a little run this evening. My first mile was with my wife. We ran and walked a little. When we got to the mile mark, she turned around and ran back home and I continued on.

My original plan was to replicate the route I'd taken for each of my laps during my 50K last Tuesday, but I made a few alterations to it along the way. I'd hate to get in a rut. I enjoyed most of the run. My only concern was the ache in my injured shoulder that started around the six mile mark. It would not be good if that happened Friday. Ugh! No time to think and worry about that.

I plan to run a 5K tomorrow for the run4nyc fundraiser and then call it good till Friday morning at 5:00 when I start my 100-miler. Be sure to join my Facebook group if you want updates throughout my run. (7.44 miles @ 9:50)
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