Friday, November 2, 2012

Shake out...

Nice and easy. That's what I've got to do for the next week as I wait for the Run for Missions 100-miler to come around. Nothing terribly strenuous or difficult.

I loped around town turning this way and that as it fancied me. I was going to run out on Lake Road, but quickly realized I probably didn't have time to do that. I wandered instead. I saw two or three runners and about the same number of walkers. I was barked at vigorously at least once.

Nothing terribly exciting here. I ran by the courthouse to see what the hours for advanced voting are. I thought they were posted on the door. They weren't. I guess I'll have to call later. I've already voted. I'm checking for my wife.

I ran back home from the courthouse. Nothing hurts more than normal. I'm just a little sweaty. I'm headed to the shower before my daughter takes all the hot water. (4.28 miles in 40:32)
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