Saturday, May 28, 2011

time trial

i rode 10 miles to get ready for my 10 mile time trial. i put a little effort into the ride, but didn't work too hard.

i warmed up for ten miles this morning, then hit the after burners in an attempt to move up in the standings for Bernard Y.'s 10-mile time trial challenge -

i set the cruise at about 22mph and kept it going. on most hills i was still above 20mph, though i dipped down to 18mph at least once. with two miles to go, i put everything i had into it and came out under 27 minutes. much better than my original 30 minute time. should move me up to second or third.after the time trial, i coasted for a quarter mile and then pedaled slowly for a mile and a half. (21.55 miles @ 17.0mph)
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