Thursday, January 7, 2010

crossing the line

as my daughter's father often says, "there is a fine line between bravery and stupidity and you are about to cross it." i think i crossed it today. i'll admit it. what i did was crazy. i went riding when it was 10 degrees fahrenheit outside and the wind was blowing between 15 and 20mph. it was coooooold!

i was, despite the elements, surprisingly warm. i added a winter coat, a warmer pair of socks, third pair of gloves, an extra thermal layer on my legs and a ski mask under my balaclava before i went out. my right thumb was hurting when i returned, but it is better now. i did not lose any toes. they didn't even go numb.

i've never done so before, but i would like to dedicate this ride to some special people. first, this ride would not have even been considered if it had not been for jeff m. his december 8 ride when it was -4 degrees inspired my insanity. second, i would like to honor my brother-in-law fred b who gave me the thermal socks and top i wore today. they were the most necessary christmas gifts i have ever received. and last, but not least, i would like to give a shout out to trainer baby. you know who you are. the mileage you continue to crank out forced me out the door today.

thanks to all three of you i have a new coldest ever ride.

oh, and i almost forgot! i met my goal for the week on this ride. i have ridden more miles in the first ten days of january than i did in the entire month last year. (13.92 miles @ 14.4mph)
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