Wednesday, January 20, 2010

good afternoon

i had time for a short ride this afternoon. it was a balmy 45 degrees and my legs felt great from the get go. i took off to the west hoping that my new neighbor, wil, had taken a long ride at 2:00 and i would find him coming home. i rode out to the far edge of danville without meeting up with him, so i turned around and headed back toward argonia.

the wind was in my face on the way back. i had noticed that before i left, but if i wanted to see wil, i had to go west. the wind wasn't too bad, though, so i maintained a speed around 17 or 18mph the whole way back.

when i got to town, i rode straight on through. i wanted to see if i could add enough miles to get back some of the miles eric's added this week. he's been riding tons of trainer baby miles, so he has built up a bit of a lead in our "eric vs. mike" challenge. i was behind by 43 miles after this morning's ride and he was hoping to ride more this afternoon too. i hate to give him too much slack, so on i rode. i sped down part of mock hill and then turned for a sprint home. i was over 20mph most of the three miles back home. i was over that speed many times.

so by supper time i had 43 miles (total) under my belt. eric rode a few miles this afternoon, but i did a little catching up. yahoo! (21.72 miles @ 18.6mph)
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