Monday, January 11, 2010

warmer weather

went to work early this morning so i could ride a little longer at noon. glad i did. it was in the 40s by 11:30 when i left. a beautiful kansas day. not a cloud in the sky. a light northeast wind at 7mph. bliss!

i left the house feeling good. rode pretty hard for the first few miles then leveled off a bit. at the six mile mark, i had to stop and take off layers. i was too warm. after i shed a jacket and changed gloves, i rode on to mayfield road before turning to come back.

the ride back was awesome! the wind at my back pushed me back up over 17mph! the first time this year. this was also the first time the temps were above 24 degrees. felt great to be warm! tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer! can't wait to ride again. (23.99 miles @ 17.1mph)
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