Friday, January 29, 2010

what would eric do?

after pedaling through the snow, i sat in the bathroom and thought, "what would eric do?" remembering the disaster that followed a similar question concerning jeff, i hesitated when the answer came to me. such craziness could only end badly for me.

despite my fears, i headed west toward argonia's ambulance barn. (it's a metal pole building. i don't know what else to call it.) it was rough going at first, but i was able to pick up the speed after i tucked in out of the wind.

i have never sweat so much in my life. i had streams of the stuff pouring off my body. at one point i felt water running on my leg and looked around for the source. it was perspiration coming off my elbow.

and so i rode for 30 minutes and got in another 9.96 miles. finished, i wiped the sweat off of my face and returned home. as i walked in the door i thought, "i am a man. i will hide these trainer baby miles. no one will know." and by the way, eric is crazy! (9.96 miles @ 19.9mph)
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