Monday, May 3, 2010

back pain strikes again

i injured my back playing ultimate frisbee last night, so i didn't have a lot of push on the way out, riding into a light (for kansas) breeze. i was creeping along under 12mph most of the way to my turn around point. i would have liked to have ridden farther, but the slow start forced an early about face.

i rode back a mile and stopped to make what i thought would be a feeble attempt at bettering my time on the MAYday MAYhem five-mile time trial. i never dreamed that i'd come in with a sub 13-minute ride. in my wildest imaginationings i would've guessed just under 15 minutes if i was lucky. i thought that was pretty much a pipe dream since my back was killing me. be that as it may be, i took a shot at a better time and came away with a 12'57. crazy!

after pushing it for five miles, i shifted down and spun my way over the final 1.5 miles to home. (15.05 miles @ 16.0mph
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